Thursday, December 7, 2017


We have had a very busy week!  We've worked through spelling and vocabulary lists 

(tests for both will be on Tuesday), grammar lessons on prepositions and types of sentences, study of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, and more!

The kids have been enjoying spending time with the animals this fall, and they have even decided to help with some of the farm chores.  I love that we can spend time outdoors, even when it's a little chilly!  Today, someone left the gate open and our mini-pig, Sprinkle, escaped.  The kids worked together (with the help of a chunk of a pumpkin) to get her
back where she needed to be!

The first group made comic strip that used at least one of each of the four types of sentences.  The second group has been learning about prepositions, so they had to illustrate & describe 6 different scenarios using various prepositions.

Ornament Fun!

The water cycle!

Types of Clouds

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thursdy, 11/16/17

We began our day with the recording of the poem, Afternoon on a Hill.  The kids worked for weeks on this one, and they did a fantastic job!  We will be stepping things up with a longer poem after Thanksgiving break.

After a spelling review, the groups both learned the definitions to the words on their new vocabulary list.  We talked about the multiple definitions that were tricky,  such as in the word "contract". (It can be a written agreement, a verb meaning to get smaller, a verb meaning to catch a disease...)  The kids will be working on list 4 for the next couple weeks.

In writing class, the kids have been learned how to write expository paragraphs using a color coded system.
In grammar, the groups both reviewed predicate nominatives, direct objects, and predicate adjectives.  While the Happy Horses mainly focused on review, the Girly Goats expanded on Tuesday's lesson on the four types of sentences.  They learned that commands, or imperative sentences, have an implied subject.  The subject of commands is an understood "you".  We diagrammed some sentences of this type today.

During history, the class compiled the information that they have been collecting and pasted them into their interactive notebooks.  The group talked about the different sides of the Revolutionary War, and turned in their expository paragraphs on famous patriots.  To wrap it up, the Patriot spies worked with partner spies to complete a mission using their secret message masks.

Today was science day with Ms. Sally!  The class talked all about pollution and conservation.  First, the used a mixture of oil and water, as well as the scientific method to come up with ways to clean up an oil spill.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tuesday, 11/14/17

After our spelling and vocabulary tests, the class jumped right into Language Arts.  In grammar, both groups reviewed their at home review sheets.  We went over each question, making changes and having discussions as we worked our way through.  It is important to me that the class does not allow my extra review to stress them out!  I enjoy challenging them to take things a step further.  But, no learning can take place if students are overwhelmed!  I will continue to bend and flex as needed to work our way through these grammar topics. 

Both classes are doing a fantastic job of pointing out predicate nominatives and direct objects in sentences.  However, I can tell that we need a little more practice recognizing state of being verbs versus linking verbs.  We will be stepping back to review this more!  The Happy Horses group learned about Predicate Adjectives today.  The Girly Goats had an overall review before learning about conjugating irregular verbs.  Next, they reminded themselves about the four types of sentences.  Over the next couple weeks, they will be learning to diagram each of these types.

In literature class, Ms. Hilary taught the class about character development.  She explained that characters show us their thoughts, words, feelings, choices, and actions to help us get a clear idea of what the expect from them.  They talked about different characters and how the reader is able to get to know them.  In the BFG, the class discussed the way that the author helps us to understand Sophie’s personality, without simply telling us what she is like. 

During history, Ms. Hilary taught the class about the importance of spies during the Revolutionary War.  The class watched a short video about the role of spies and the different techniques that were used to help win the war.  Then, the kids each worked on creating their own hidden message using the mask technique.  These were tricky!  The kids had to write two letters and the same time…  one that everyone could see, but another that expressed their feelings about their parents being patriot spies.  They did a great job with this!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thursday, 11/9/17

Today began with a spelling review.  The kids worked in teams to see how many spelling words they could fit onto a board with crossword tiles.  They only counted if they were spelled correctly!  Afterward, we reviewed vocabulary list 3.  We'll wrap up this list next week.  Test on Tuesday!

In grammar, we began by reviewing the homework review.  I go beyond the book to make sure that the students actually master the material before moving on.  Right now, we need to hang out and work with action, helping, linking, and state of being verbs, as well as predicate nominatives and direct objects.  If we move on before truly comfortable, it will just cause, as I called it today, a "snowball of disaster"!  Each class worked on identifying different types of verbs and diagramming sentences of increasing complexity.  As we worked through a review lesson in the book, the kids were showing much improvement!  We'll review more at home before moving on next week.

Writing class was a doozie today!  They have been working a lot with creative writing, but today they learned how to write a different type of paragraph: the expository paragraph.  These kids have learned some great writing tips and strategies so far, and I am excited to see how they progress with this new writing genre!

The class showed off their posters and invitations today.  At home, they created invitations or posters to encourage colonists to join the Boston Tea Party.  These kids did a fantastic job with these!  They made them small enough to fit in their interactive notebooks, which is where they collect materials from all of their lessons.  Ms. Hilary taught the class about the Boston Massacre and further discussed the Boston Tea Party today.  Our hope is to actually spark interest, not just memorize facts!

In science today, the kids finished up their fossil activity from last week by breaking open the cup and cleaning away their fossils!  They turned out great!  Next, the class moved on to a study of water.  "Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink."  Ms. Sally began with this quote and a discussion about why this could be the case.  The kids came up with answers like saltwater, pollution, or situations like the hurricane, where there was no clean water.  At home, the students learned all about the water cycle, soil water, groundwater, watersheds, and much more.  In class, they discussed these things, and created a terrarium with different layers of rock and soil.  The terrarium will act as a greenhouse, as well.  The ended the class with a short writing assignment in their science notebooks.  We decided that science should always be messy and fun!