Thursday, October 31, 2013


Science Experiment: Hot & Cold Water

Ms. Gail's homemade treats!

An epic battle...

Social Studies Poster: Women of WWII

Social Studies Poster: Women of WWII

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fear Factor: Farm Edition!

We had over 20 different vegetable dishes, each given a different point value.

The Dark Veggies psych themselves up before the game!

The Eat 'Em All-ers motivate each other before the game!

For the first time ever, both teams tried EVERY food!

Needless to say, I had to revise my prize to meet the kids' level of excellence!
Before her lesson on 3D lettering, Ms. Nancy read a story and talked to the class about how each one of them are special!
Spanish Review Games... In Costume!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Guest Speaker: Natural Farming Methods

Stephanie Minter came to talk to us about naturally grown farming methods!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


What an amazing day!  Each and every student in this classroom was an absolute gem.  I am not sure if it's the cool fall air, the notecard communication that has been going home each week, or maybe they are just falling into a groove... but it was just a great day!

Agriculture/Health-  Today, the students took the Food Guide Pyramids that they worked on at home and used them to evaluate their food journal.  It's easy (and less effective) to simply tell kids what they need to eat.  By having them critique their own food habits, they are able to get a true snapshot of where they need to improve!  After our activity, we discussed calories, and how to make your calories nutrient packed!  We also talked about food labels, specifically the terms "all natural", "locally grown", "organic", and "non-GMO".  At home, they are going to be learning more about nutritional labels through online activities.

Spanish-  In Spanish class, Ms. Cindy has been talking to the students about different customs and holidays in Spanish speaking countries.  They have been learning about the Spanish holiday, Dia De Los Mortos, or the Day of the Dead.  These celebrations in Mexico are to remember and celebrate those family members and friends whom have died.  The class discussed the cultural differences pertaining to death.  For instance, this holiday appears to be scary and dark, but in Mexico, it is energetic and positive.  This was a great way to help the children understand how our traditions and culture shapes our perceptions!

Art- Ms. Nancy had a trip planned for today, so I was able to teach art class!  I used this opportunity to have the kids work on a special project.  They created a poster, giving their vision of a great sign for a family farm.  The kids will vote on the posters, and we will actually create this sign... for a very deserving farm family!  We also created a huge banner for the wonderful man who donated his time and precious energy to lay new rock to the entry way of the "school house" (which is the church's Youth House).  When he came to work on the side walkway over to the flag pole, he was met with a 12 foot long banner thanking him for all of his hard work!