Thursday, September 26, 2013

Author Visit!

Author Holly Moulder came to speak with the class about her novel, "Crystal City Lights."

Trying out one of the character's dresses!

Working on the big WWII group project!

Working on the big WWII group project!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A quick review!

Literature-  The class has almost finished the book Crystal City Lights!  They reviewed their work from the week, and then continued on to the next chapter.  Next week, the author, Holly Moulder, will be joining us for a discussion!

Science-  After reviewing their at-home assignments, Ms. Gail taught the class about earthquakes, different types of plate boundaries, and seismology.  She brought in a homemade seismograph to demonstrate how a real seismograph works.  This example was followed by a discussion of different types of waves.  The class was able to see how seismologists plot primary and secondary waves on a graph to pinpoint the location of an earthquake's epicenter.

Social Studies- The kids continued to work on their projects in groups today.  The creativity is flowing, and they are doing a great job making sure everyone is doing their part!

After they spent time researching, plotting, and planning, we read more in Shakespeare For Kids' "Romeo and Juliet."  This group of kids has read many of these plays, and have a great understanding of Shakespeare's tragedies and comedies!

In grammar, the class completed their dictation quiz, discussion the at home grammar and writing lessons, and continued to work on prepositions.  Although the students knew these last year, it has been difficult to point them out this year.  I tried to help them gain confidence and realize that they already know most of this material!  Once we begin diagramming sentences again, I think they will realize how much they know!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


What a beautiful fall day!

We finished up our lessons on environment and our planet today.  Over the last few weeks, we have discussed weathering, erosion, soil, water, and landforms.  Today, Mr. Zachary, a geologist, came and spoke to the class about rocks.  They learned about different types of rocks, and how they are formed.  The kids were able to see examples of different types of rocks, learning information about each one.  I was very proud of the class for their attention and respectful behavior!

In Spanish class, Ms. Cindy continued to fill the room with songs, laughter, and fun!  They sang songs, told stories, played Bingo, and worked on numbers during circle time. They worked on the verb 'gusta' through clapping and singing, as well!  I absolutely love it when children learn without feeling like they are learning!

In art class, Ms. Nancy taught the class how to use chalk pastels.  The children looked through Egyptian artwork, taking note of the profiles.  The class then used chalk pastels to create their own!

In social studies, the class continued to work on their big World War II projects.  They broke into their groups and discussed what needs to be done at home.  I am looking forward to seeing some great videos and power point presentations! 

After working in groups, the class gathered around as we began reading the Shakespeare for Kids book, Romeo and Juliet.  We absolutely love these books, and I am excited to share this one with the class!  We will be working on group projects, and reading through this book in class, during Mr. Dennis' vacation.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Literature-  The class continued reading and discussing "Crystal City Lights".  This book is set in the U.S. during WWII, and focuses on the treatment and view of German Americans and other enemy aliens during that period of time.  This has fit perfectly with our social studies lessons!  The class is also learning about Venn diagrams, analogies, and other important concepts which are related to their reading material.

Science-  Ms. Gail taught the class all about earthquakes today!  They learned how earthquakes happen, and talked a lot about structural integrity of buildings.  They experimented with different materials, seeing how far they will bend.  A slinky was used to show how waves travel through the earth's crust.  They also witnessed the affects on grains of rice from vibrations caused by shaking the pan they rested on.  Finally, the class worked to create two story structures using toothpicks and marshmallows.  Their structures had to sit upon a pan of jello, and withstand a simulated earthquake!

In social studies, Mr. Dennis explained Germany's bombing of Great Britain.   They learned about blackouts, bomb shelters, and the use of radar.  The class also learned that, back in the United States, women played an important role to support the war effort.  For the next three weeks, the class will work in groups of three to complete a research project.  There are many options for the topic, as well as the presentation style.  I can't wait to see these in October!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Erosion, Egyptians, and Espaniol!

Ag- Mr. Brian returned today to continue his lesson on weathering and erosion.  He taught the class about the water cycle, the effect of water flow on rocks and soil, and the major U.S. rivers and mountain ranges.  The class learned about the different river systems in Georgia, as well.  Throughout the lesson, the students were introduced to terms like as aquifer, oxbow lakes, permeability, bedrock, the water table, and more!  Next week, Mr. Zachary Beekman will come and speak to us about different types of rocks.  This will be the conclusion of our lessons on environment, weathering, and erosion. 

Spanish-  Ms. Cindy helped the children tell the class about their families... in Spanish!  They each came up and told their classmates about their family make-up, including pets.  Ms. Cindy helped them with the verb "tengo" for "I have" in this lesson.  After they had each taken a turn sharing, they then worked as a class to label many of the items in our "clase"!  They have all done such a great job opening up and having fun with Ms. Cindy!

Art- At home, the students researched terms for their Egyptian art lesson.  Today, they shared what they learned, and got to work on two projects.  The first, a mummy project, used toilet paper rolls.  They added limbs, a head, and then began wrapping their mummies in toilet paper that had been dipped in tea.  The other project involved decorating a cartouche with their own hieroglyphics. They really got to use the vocabulary words that they worked on at home!

For Lunch & Share, the class saw a great Minecraft Diorama!

Social Studies-  The class began with the grading of the students' at home mini-test over the WWII information that they have learned so far.  They discussed any answers that were missed. Mr. Dennis then taught the class about different world leaders during World War II, and the reasons America entered the war.   Finally, they completed a quiz over what they had learned in class today.