Tuesday, May 15, 2018




We chose to have some P.E. time at the beginning of this beautiful day!  The class took out the jump ropes and had a blast!  With only 4 more in-class days together, I wanted them to soak up the sun and laughter as much as they could this morning!

After the pledge, the class worked on their independent math study. Even though some of them may be wrapping up their math at home, please continue to send in enough math for class! I do have some material here to share, but it would be better tailored to your child's needs if it was sent from home.

The class then split up into their language arts groups. Both groups took their spelling test for list 32, worked on their vocabulary lessons to prepare for the next test, and discussed their at-home reading comprehension exercise. This week's reading comprehension page correlated with their science lessons. I loved hearing the kids talk about how much they already knew because of Ms. Sally's class. They went on and on talking about how Ms. Sally has tricked them into learning so much, but it just felt like FUN!  These students have done an amazing job over these last few weeks with their reading comprehension practice. Their accuracy has improved, but more importantly, their essays have matured! I am very proud of them!

In Ms. Hilary's class, the group spent their time creating a history timeline. They worked on putting historical events in chronological order, and they created new pages in their history interactive notebooks. They will be given a review test next week, and these notebooks will be a great review! Once the entire group came together for history class, the kids presented their biography projects on important women in American history.  

Next, we had art with Ms. Nancy.  The class worked on making rainmakers.  First, they created spirals of aluminum foil.  They then placed them inside paper towel tubes, uncoiled them enough to reach both ends, and added rice.  Once they closed off the ends, they began decorating!  They will finish these up next week and bring them home once they are dry.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

5/1 & 5/3

Painting Their Paper Mache!

Learning About Force

Thursday, April 26, 2018


I'm so glad that we spent time outside with the animals this morning, because it was raining by this afternoon!  The kids helped milk the goats, bottle feed the babies, and tend to the farm.  The weather this spring has been so crummy, we'll take whatever time we can get!

We began our day with a vocabulary test, spelling review for list 31, and math independent study time.  Then, we cleared out the room and got ready for the big production!  It took a while for me to work in the video portion of our Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod poem due to the fact that I needed to take over Ms. Hilary's class time for a day.  Today, we worked it out so that we could devote a couple hours to the project.  The class worked on the props, background, and then took turns with their scenes.  I explained that when you are shooting video for something that will be edited later, it does not make sense to shoot each scene in order!  I compared this to shopping in a grocery store.  If you have apples, milk, cereal, broccoli, and cheese on a list, you would not shop for these in order!  You would be running all over the store and wasting your time!

In science today, the class began by writing out hypotheses for an oxidation experiment.  They worked through the scientific method to find the difference in oxidation times between an apple with water, an apple with lemon juice, and an apple that is plain.  They read about and discussed compounds, acids, and bases.  Then, they worked through an experiment using blue and red litmus paper.  They analyzed lemon juice, soap, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and more!