Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Today in a nutshell:

  • Spelling test
  • Vocabulary review for Lesson 9
  • Lesson on indirect and direct objects
  • Completed the review game boards for our game (Happy Horse Group)
  • Reviewed adverbs and prepositional phrases used as adverbs (Girly Goats)
  • Discussed Ivan activity projects 
  • Worked on breaking down The Hobbit into storyboard
  • Introduced "Reader's Theater" project for both Ivan and Hobbit groups
  • Presented "Honeycomb" biography pages for Civil War historical figures
  • Discussed important inventions in American history
  • Made amazing newspaper hats in art class!


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tuesday, 3/6/17

In like a lion and out like a lamb!  Ms. Nancy's art project for today was a lesson in texture, with a lion project!  First, they used chalk pastels to create the lion's face, and then they used different "visual textures" to create the mane.  The results were fantastic!


After today's spelling test and math independent study time, we broke up into our language arts groups.  The hobbit group read together and discussed the recent adventures, and the Ivan group worked on a gorilla habitat project using pizza boxes!  In grammar, the Happy Horses continued to work on contractions, and diagramming sentences with "not" contractions.  We talked about getting out our great big ax and chopping those contractions into two pieces in order to diagram them.  The class decided that instead of an ax, we needed a "Grammar Hammer"!  Next, the group learned about direct addresses.  The Girly Goats had worked on a direct quotation review assignment at home, as well.  Today, this older group also learned how to diagram sentences with a direct address.  They then reviewed prepositional phrases, and sentences with more than one direct object, more than one predicate adjective, and more than one predicate nominative.  Both groups will continue today's lesson at home tomorrow.

In history, the class continued their Civil War lesson with a discussion about Abe Lincoln and Jefferson Davis.  They will be working on an activity at home to sum up the relationship between the two and their roles during the war.
Today was icky and rainy... the perfect day for a pajama day!  The kids wore their pj's and brought in their favorite book to share with the class.  At the end of the day, we all gathered around as they explained why they love their books!  We have some very avid readers, and some that would rather not read.  It's my hope to spread the joy of reading, and to get the students' excited about a new book to check out for themselves!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Week of 2/26

In grammar this week, the Girly Goats group focused on direct quotations.  They learned how to add correct punctuation to direct quotations that are located at the beginning, middle, and end of sentences.  This took some practice!  The class wrote short little conversations involving 2-3 characters at home.  In class, they worked together to make corrections to the punctuation, find run-on sentences, etc.  We also learned about indirect quotations.  To help solidify the lesson, they reworded some of the sentences from their stories as indirect quotations.  The concept of direct vs. indirect was a little tricky, and this helped tremendously! 

The Happy Horses spent the week working with contractions.  They learned how to form contractions, and also learned how to diagram “not” contractions.  They were pretty cracked up thinking of “n’t” as an adverb!  The group also worked in teams to create a series of review questions from all of the grammar cards that they have studied all year.  In the next couple weeks, we will be playing a review game in class that uses the questions that they wrote.  Study those cards at home, so we can have an excellent review game!  Of course, we have also been trucking along with spelling and vocabulary lists, as well.  I explained to the class that I am going to increase my pickiness in the last 10 weeks of the year!  Handwriting, punctuation, capitalization, EFFORT…. It all matters on every assignment!

In Art, Ms. Nancy led the class through a project that I absolutely loved!  Although it isn’t technically spring, it sure feels like it!  She had them create a horizon line, and a stormy, cloudy sky.  Then, they made ovals on the ground, which would be water puddles.  (They drew all of these lines in white crayon, which was a bit of a trick and required some serious concentration!)  The class then used rulers to create lines from the sky to the puddles.  Finally, they added water color to create a really awesome rain scene!

The Hobbit group is still making their way through the novel, but the One and Only Ivan group has wrapped up this literature unit!  They have been working on writing assignments that correlate with the book.  They worked on creating structured paragraphs, and they also did a little research with an animal habitat activity.  For the next few weeks, they will be focusing solely on writing!

In history, the class has been learning about the Civil War and the Underground Railroad this week.  They have been adding to their interactive notebooks, having exciting class discussions, and watching videos at home to support their in-class lessons.   

Science this week was an overview of what they have learned about the solar system and space.  The class worked in groups to create a graphic organizer to easily view the concepts from the unit. 
Then, we included some math in our lesson!  We talked about the size of the planets and the sun, and creates a scale representation so that we could compare the sizes.  On a large board, the kids created scale pictures of the planets using a ruler and compass.  They learned about the metric system (mm & cm), how to use a compass, and they really got a sense of how small Earth is compared to some of the other planets!  Finally, they were able to really get a feel for how massive our sun is compared to the planets.  At home, we will be watching a video that sums up our discussion from today.